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Join me on a meditative journey, starting with simple guided meditations and gradually going deeper to create a path of clarity. Each meditation includes videos on how to put each one into action.

You will:

  • Learn how to be present in the moment, the only place where life exists, knowing that breathing in the past is where sadness lives and breathing in the future is where anxiety lives. 
  • Acquire stress management skills that will help you find peace, happiness and gratitude amidst the juggles of a hectic life.
  • Decrease anger and reactivity so that you can handle difficult situations with ease.
  • Create a path of clarity in your mind (and space between your thoughts) so that answers come without over analyzing, over thinking and over strategizing.
  • Detach from your story, labels, events and memories to unblock stagnant energy in your system and activate your prana (life force) so that you can release the very things that might be holding you back as you begin to manifest abundance, happiness and success.
  • Gain a new perspective on how to shift your internal dialogue so that you feel more confident and use your time more productively.
  • Discover the beauty of stillness and the gift of gratitude, even during difficult times.
  • Enhance self-awareness so that peace, confidence and strength come to the forefront in everything you do.
  • Reduce anxiety by learning how to calm your mind through meditative practices.

In this Meditation in Action bundle, you'll receive 30 guided meditations with me every day for 30 days, but it doesn't end there!

Each Module will have a short video explaining how you can put each meditation into action to enhance your life, along with my favorite tips & tools in each section.

You'll have the bundle for a lifetime to use whenever you need to relax, relieve stress and so much more!


MEDITATIONS: The meditations that you choose need to be conducive to where you are in your life, otherwise it might feel overwhelming. On this meditative journey, we'll start with simple meditations that gradually go deeper so you feel comfortable and ready.

VIDEOS: Meditating is a beautiful gift but the magic happens when you have the tools to put your practice into action. Each meditation will have a video explaining specific ways to apply each one.

THOUGHTS, TIPS & TOOLS: I love sharing stories, thoughts, tips and tools that I've learned along the way to guide you on your journey.

LIFETIME ACCESS: Initially, you'll get one meditation every day for 30 days. Then you can keep the bundle for a lifetime! Revisit each meditation (and video) based on what you need so that you can apply it to real life experiences and situations.

ONE LINK: All of the meditations are on one link, so you can say goodbye to google searches, trying to find resources on youtube or searching endlessly for the right meditation app.  

Investment Options:

Payment Plan:

Split your payments during a two month period @ $48.50


Pay in Full:

One payment


The Meditations

In addition to the meditations, you'll get videos with me, explaining how to put each one into action.

  • MINDFUL AWARENESS: Use one or all of your five senses as a source of simple meditation.
  • THE POWER OF NOW: Learn how to breathe in the present moment, the only place where life exists.
  • PRAYER: Access the God of your knowing to pray for what you need.
  • THOUGHTS: Create space between the fluctuations of your mind to relax and de-stress.
  • REMOVING OBSTACLES: Use Ganesh mudra (hand gesture) to breathe into your obstacle, take control and set yourself free.
  • SLEEP: Use mediation to combat insomnia and restless sleep.
  • GRATITUDE: Shift your awareness to gratitude and change your vibrational energy.
  • NATURE: Access the beautiful benefits of nature as a source of healing.
  • RELAXATION: Unwind, decompress and learn how to find stillness through meditation.
  • FOOD IS A GIFT: Change your relationship with food from deprivation and punishment to gratitude and celebration so that food is no longer the enemy.
  • BODY IMAGE: Unlearn and unpack the limited beliefs regarding your physical layer by focusing on your uniqueness and self-worth.
  • CELLS: Send love to your trillions of cells, knowing that they’re listening, responding and reacting to everything you’re thinking, saying and doing.
  • SELF-LOVE: Learn how to receive love, just as much as you give it through meditation.
  • CONFIDENCE: Recognize your self-worth by finding your inner strength.
  • LOTUS: Use the story of the lotus as a symbolic way to acknowledge your resilience.
  • STRENGTH: Find strength beyond your physical body and tap into your strong, subtle energy.
  • ANXIETY: Combat anxiety by acknowledging the symptoms, recognizing the cause and releasing with love.
  • CHAKRAS: Activate the subtle body as a source of physical, mental and spiritual alignment.
  • PLANETARY PEACE: Understand the power of creating meaningful change in the world.
  • A TRIP TO THE THEATER: Use guided meditation to explore relationships.
  • MYSTERY: Move beyond the literal world by accepting the mystery of life.
  • HEALING: Release trauma, patterns and labels as a source of healing.
  • NEW BEGINNINGS: Find gratitude in the present moment, release what no longer serves you and embrace new beginnings.
  • INTERNAL DIALOGUE: Learn the power of what you’re saying in your mind, how it affects your life and how to create a positive shift.
  • MANIFEST: Apply key principles through meditation to manifest what you need. 
  • BUS RIDE: Acknowledge all of your parts so that you can detach from labels as a source of physical and spiritual freedom.
  • INNER CHILD: Send your inner child love and release negative childhood experiences.
  • GRIEF: Honor your sadness and learn how to ease the pain of loss.
  • FORGIVENESS: Let go of what no longer serves you by learning how to forgive, not for anyone else, for you.
  • SAVASANA: Use final resting pose as a source of transcendence, liberation and surrender.

Plus, these BONUS meditations for a limited time!

  • How to embrace a gloomy day
  • The beauty of sound
  • Love your breath

Here's everything you'll get when you sign up:


  • One meditation every day for 30 days, along with videos on how to put your meditations into action
  • Enjoy the entire bundle including 30 meditations & videos for a lifetime.
  • Thoughts, Tips & Tools to support you on your journey
  • Ongoing email support if you have questions


  • 3 BONUS meditations


I'm so confident that this bundle will help you to stay present in the moment and find peace during stressful times!

All you have to do is take the first steps and put your meditation into action.

Sign up now, and if you're not 100% satisfied, you can request a full refund within seven days.

What people are saying

"This is an amazing studio with the most compassionate teacher, Kelly. For the past five years, she has been teaching me self love, gratitude and most important, to always believe. Her guidance and knowledge cannot be compared to anything else. Simply the yourself a favor and embark on a journey with Kelly, you will never look back! "

- Donna B. (Long Island, NY)

"You will feel very calm, peaceful and an overall good feeling with Kelly. She is patient and caring with me (a 60+ year old woman). I can see why she appeals to every age group. She makes you feel like your are her only client."

- Linda G. (Philadelphia, PA)

"From the moment I walked into Kelly's studio I felt a sense of peace and serenity all around me. Kelly is truly an amazing and kind person. She works with students of all levels. She is extremely passionate and incorporates all that she has learned into all of her work."

- Amy M. (New York, NY)


Kelly Mitchell is the owner of Buddha Barn Yoga & Wellness: a soulful space to transform the body, stimulate the mind and activate the soul.

Kelly is also an online educator, creating courses to provide her students with the tools to live every day with grace and acceptance. Her teachings incorporate healthy movement, yoga and life coaching as a vital tool for self-care.

Kelly is a 500hr Yoga Teacher with over 4000 hours of teaching experience. Her other specialties include Lifestyle & Fitness Coach and Reiki Practitioner.


What do I need?

A quiet place to listen to the meditations and watch the videos. I made sure to keep each section as short as possible. I know your time is valuable!

I have never tried meditation before.

Awesome! You don’t need any prior experience, and I’ll be your guide every step of the way.

Do I have to listen to the meditations in order?

No, but I would highly recommend it if you’re a beginner because I designed the bundle so that you can experience it as a journey, with simple meditations to start and then gradually going deeper into your practice.

How long will it take to complete?

Initially, you'll get one meditation & video every day for 30 days (plus your bonus meditations) so that you can experience each one as a gradual journey. After that, there is no time frame! Go at your own pace and revisit whenever you need it, you’ll have the course for a lifetime!


"The best investment you will ever make is investing in your best self."